Welcome to my blog! My name is Stefan Henneken. I have been working as a software developer in the sector of automation technology since 1997.

Mostly this will be about .NET and C #. As opposed to many other blogs, I will try to cover the individual topics more intensively. This is the reason, why most of the contributions consist of several parts. The individual parts are based on each other, but can also be viewed individually.

For all automation engineers, I will share my experience with TwinCAT 3, the development environment for IEC 61131-3. The focus will be on object-oriented language extensions.

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I use the Amazon affiliate program to fund this blog. All links that lead to Amazon are partner links that bring me a certain percentage commission to cover the expenses for the blog. The retail price remains the same. That’s why I’m happy for anyone who uses my Amazon links. For me, it is not clear who buys the advertising links from Amazon.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Mr. Henneken,

    Thank you in advance for shared your information and your answer,

    Do you have some academic or industrial papers to complement this info? I am working on a similar task, and I would like to reference your job (of course, an additional reference to your blog).

    B. Regards

  2. Hi Stefan
    I’m developing on the TwinCat platform, just want to give you thumbs up for sharing on Github! I have used your code with great success.
    Thank you, best regards Henrik

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